How to read configuration value

In .NET CORE there is no Web.config but replaced by a appsettings.json file like this one:
"Logging": { "LogLevel": { "Default": "Warning" } }, "AllowedHosts": "*", "Version": "2.145.378.4", }
Imagine we want to read the Version value and use it in the application. In the Startup.cs file the default is already addressing the configuration.
public class Startup { public Startup(IConfiguration configuration) { Configuration = configuration; } public IConfiguration Configuration { get; } ... }
In any controller class the constructor gets the configuration as a IConfiguration parameter as an interface. Likewise you can obtain the Version here.
public class HomeController : Controller { private IConfiguration Config; public HomeController(IConfiguration configuration) { Config = configuration; } ... public async Task Index() { //Read the "Version" value return it on the View ViewBag.Ver = Config.GetSection("Version").Value; return View(); } }