WebAPI Several Get Methods

We know that there can be more than one GET methods in Web-API. In the default setup, two method templates are reseved to the API-controller:
// GET: api/Employee [HttpGet] public IEnumerable Get() { ..... } // GET: api/Employee/5 [HttpGet("{id}", Name = "Get")] public Employee Get(int id) { ..... }
This is typically the display for "all" employees in this case, and one for one particular employee with certain id. Imagine that you want to make a different query of employee table , let's say, returning more than one employees, not all but a filtered query.
[HttpGet("getadvanced",Name ="getadvanced")] public IEnumerable GetAdvanced() { return Employees.Where(i=>i.FirstName=="Sofia" || i.FirstName=="Mickey").ToList(); }
So simply repeat the HttpGet clause from above([HttpGet("{id}", Name = "Get")]), namely the Name ="getadvanced" Afterwards, you can perform the query , http://localhost:32107/api/employee/getadvanced and get selected employees shown. [{"id":2,"firstName":"Sofia","lastName":"Holm","position":"Clerk","age":24}, {"id":5,"firstName":"Mickey","lastName":"Mouse","position":"MouseTrapper","age":57}]